Why Diagnotes

The only team-based healthcare productivity suite designed for the way you work
Diagnotes is the only team-based healthcare productivity suite that automates healthcare best practices and intuitively mirrors the natural habits of healthcare organizations and the healthcare professionals that work for them.

Quick and Seamless

Integration with existing EHR, portals, call centers, paging and dispatch, labs, and images makes Diagnotes the ultimate workflow management and centralized communication platform for hospitals today. Diagnotes’ intelligent design creates quick and seamless integration and deployment.

Diagnotes users are always kept at the forefront of healthcare communication with visionary design and ongoing feature upgrades and additions.
The key to the success of Diagnotes is that it supports the natural workflow of hospitals rather than forcing them to adjust and match technology that has been retrofitted to the healthcare industry. Gone are the days of investing in one piece of technology at a time to create a workable productivity suite of offerings. By purchasing this single platform designed specifically for the needs and workflow of the healthcare industry, organizations using Diagnotes can focus on patient satisfaction and achieving the quadruple aim.

Easy To Use

Diagnotes centralizes information and automates workflows into a HIPAA-compliant hub that can be accessed from desktop and mobile devices. With its intuitive design modeled after modern technology, Diagnotes is easy to learn and easy to use, leading to greater user adoption.

Diagnotes Rooms

Use Rooms to reflect the current patient-centric and team-based healthcare workflow in a virtual space. 

Rooms are the ultimate collaboration space and allow groups of users to share pertinent information about a patient or topic. Users may come and go from Rooms as needed, receive notifications based on tagging and customize their notification settings for each Room. And, because Rooms are ongoing, forum-based communication threads, all relevant information including detailed history can be found in one location.
Team Rooms

Team Rooms

Team Rooms, virtual workspaces for teams to collaborate (i.e. Rooms by department, specialty, floor, schedule, etc.), can be public for all Diagnotes users to see or private to include only those invited to collaborate.
Patient Rooms

Patient Rooms

Patient Rooms provide a virtual space that allows multiple teams to collaborate for enhanced patient care. These Rooms are automatically created and linked with your EHR upon patient admittance. Once the Room is created, the appropriate team members will automatically be added to the Room. ADTs, orders, lab results and much more will be sent directly to the patient’s virtual Room, and the proper Room members will be notified.

Diagnotes Messages

Use direct messages for threads of text, voice, photo and video communications, usually between one or two people.

Messages are comparable to SMS text messages on your mobile device or an instant message via a browser app, with one major exception: Diagnotes Messages are completely secure and HIPAA compliant. Messages are best used for private communications, communications that open and close quickly, or workflows that have a beginning and an end.

Diagnotes Schedules

Quickly contact the on-call clinician with Diagnotes schedules.

Schedules created in Diagnotes or integrated with another scheduling software can be viewed by all users and are updated in real time. On-call users can be contacted directly from a Schedule or found quickly in the Directory, saving precious time, allowing healthcare professionals to respond to emergencies and to treat patients faster and more efficiently. Further, on-call Schedules can be linked to Team Rooms, enabling fast and easy notification of those most appropriate within a given Room or context. This key capability of Rooms+On-Call Schedules greatly reduces frustration and time wasted finding and engaging the right person.


Diagnotes Virtual Visits

Use telehealth capabilities to carry out appointments with patients or have consults with other clinicians when in-person meetings aren't practical.  

With the Diagnotes for Patients app or via a one-time invitation, clinicians are able to conduct virtual appointments when patients are unable to meet face-to-face. In cases of treating patients with highly contagious pathologies, virtual visits help doctors keep exposure to a minimum by utilizing Diagnotes to communicate with a nurse and patient without being in the room. Finally, telehealth technology allows on-call and consulting clinicians to collaborate without being onsite.

Diagnotes Connect

Diagnotes users in one healthcare organization or network can connect and collaborate with users at other organizations that also employ Diagnotes as their healthcare productivity suite. Diagnotes Connect facilitates collaborative relationships between referral partners and makes consults quick and easy. Increased communication makes patient transfers smoother and decreases the potential for miscommunication and errors. Communication between separate entities allows for sharing best practices in day-to-day situations, as well as in times of crisis.

Diagnotes Extend

Diagnotes Extend gives users the ability to communicate with non-licensed users. For example, a clinician at a hospital that does not use Diagnotes can submit a one-way communication via Extend to securely share information about a patient that is being transferred. In response, the Diagnotes user can call the clinician via a provided number or invite them to an app-less video chat. Extend messages can be directed to specific users or virtual Rooms, allowing the same notification preferences/routing to be used, e.g. notify only the on-call user or all users in the Room.

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