The Technology

Designed for scale, speed and security, all in the cloud
Diagnotes runs completely in the cloud on AWS, providing a secure HIPAA-compliant platform without the burden of on-premise installs and upkeep.


Diagnotes is a cloud-based platform hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This approach eliminates time consuming and expensive on-premise burdens. And since users can access Diagnotes through their favorite browser or the Diagnotes mobile app, there’s nothing to install or maintain on corporate laptops and workstations. A user does a quick download from the app store and is up and running in minutes. Any upgrades are automatic through the app stores.

Enterprise-Level Security

Diagnotes leverages integrations with EHRs, paging systems, clinical systems and scheduling systems to automate and streamline existing workflows and their data, all while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Blockchain also adds an advanced level of data and message integrity.


Specifically designed for the healthcare industry, Diagnotes was architected to meet the unique challenge of making communications and collaboration for healthcare teams our number one priority.   
  • Mobile-first architecture and user experience for healthcare professionals on the go
  • Real-time, high throughput messaging (i.e. not just an inbox of messages)
  • Read receipts for every user on every communication
  • Access to all communications and potential PHI is logged and available for audit and reporting purposes
  • Notification architecture that reflects the specific demands of healthcare
  • Blockchain message signing addresses healthcare-specific integrity needs
  • EHR integrations via SFTP, HL7, and FHIR
  • WCTP and secure SMTP for paging into and out of Diagnotes
  • TLS and AES-256 transport and storage encryption
  • LDAP/AD and SAML directory integration
  • Multi-zone storage and automatic failover throughout the platform

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