Diagnotes strengthens enterprise value of clinical communication and collaboration platform with enhanced video calls


February 16, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – An innovator in intelligent workflow management, Diagnotes has simplified critical and time-sensitive communications for healthcare professionals and their patients. Now Diagnotes users can invite anyone with a web browser (desktop or mobile) to a video or audio call.

“Throughout our history, we have worked diligently to help streamline and automate the way healthcare professionals work together and deliver care,” said Dave Wortman, CEO of Diagnotes. “These developments were driven by their desire to quickly, easily, and securely connect with patients, caregivers, colleagues, and partners, even those that do not have access to Diagnotes.”

Consummate healthcare providers collaborate not only with teams inside their institutions but with experts at other hospitals, staff at skilled nursing facilities, home health professionals, and patients who have been discharged but require personal, private, and timely follow-up.

With this integral upgrade to Diagnotes, available to all customers, clinicians will be able to expediently initiate high-quality ad hoc video and voice communications to anyone with a mobile phone number, without an app download, without latency.

The advanced solution conforms to all relevant data security and privacy requirements—part of the dedication Diagnotes commits to all product development. “This represents the next stage of our developments and another example of our all-in-one approach to putting needed tools in the hands of healthcare professionals,” said Wortman.


About Diagnotes, Inc.

Indianapolis-based Diagnotes is a leader in cloud-based healthcare industry software, delivering real-time collaboration, workflow automation and secure messaging. Designed from the ground up for healthcare professionals, Diagnotes’ HIPAA-compliant clinical collaboration platform intuitively mirrors the workflows, collaboration and communication needs of clinicians, patients and administrative staff and delivers them to desktops and mobile devices in one, easy-to-use integrated experience. Deployed in healthcare systems across the US, Diagnotes has become a provider of choice for hospitals wanting to go beyond secure messaging and embrace the efficiencies that come with real-time collaboration and workflow automation.


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