intrepidNOW: Care Giving with Dave Wortman

TODAYS GUEST  Dave Wortman, CEO, Diagnotes

We are pleased to continue our series on Care Giving with another great conversation, this time on care giver communications with Dave. 

 Specifically, we discussed the following with Dave:

  1. (2:53) What drove the development of the Diagnotes’ patient app?
  2. (3:41) What type of healthcare provider organizations use the Diagnotes platform to communicate with patients and their caregivers?
  3. (6:15) What outcomes do you think will improve with patients and their caregivers having the ability to communicate more directly outside of the doctor’s office?
  4. (10:04) What type of patient and caregiver do you think will benefit most from using this patient app?
  5. (11:27) Are you collecting any interesting insights based on the usage of the app?
  6. (12:20) What’s next for clinical communications where patients and caregivers are involved?
  7. (14:47) What does the future hold for Diagnotes?





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