Springstone Behavioral Health Services

Springstone Behavioral Health Services


In the United States, approximately 46.6 million adults—one in five—suffer from mental illness, with nearly 60% of those never receiving treatment.1 In the United States today, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death, with 44,000 annual deaths reported.2 Regrettable to note, suicide is the second leading cause of death in the US for people ages 15-24.2 Additionally, approximately 88 million people suffer from some form of addiction, with only 12% seeking treatment.1 

Time is of the essence when someone has the courage to seek help. Committed to changing people’s lives, Springstone needed a robust central platform to mitigate communication challenges in patient assessment and intake, care team collaboration, and secure, effective patient data sharing among care team members across facilities to improve patient outcomes. 

The multitude of calls to the Call Center Service slowed response time and subsequent errors when attempting to link the patient with the correct provider and/or care team.


Diagnotes provides the platform to coordinate professional consults. Call Center Services relies on Diagnotes to route communication based on the patient’s condition, and the need for mental health intervention has increased exponentially since the outset of Covid-19. 

Diagnotes also integrates psychiatric workflows for community outreach, preferred provider coordination, administrative conversations, and therapist-to-therapist communication. 

Call counselors ask patients specific questions to direct requests through Diagnotes for streamlined connections to the correct provider and/or care team Rooms at the appropriate facility. According to the team’s schedule, an automatic alert is sent to the clinician on-call for direction connection with the patient. 

Remote patient tele-assessments—available from emergency departments, inpatient units, and outpatient locations—are required for medical surgical patients with behavioral comorbidities. There are instances where onsite assessment is required, for which a mobile assessment team travels to the emergency department or other access points to evaluate the patient. All this information is managed through Diagnotes.


Diagnotes has saved Springstone time with multiple, unnecessary calls. Response time, on average, is <10 minutes, down from hours or days.  

The Springstone Compliance Plan requires ethical behavior and communication among all employees and care providers. Diagnotes enables fulfillment of the plan standards by:

  • creating effective communication channels to deliver the company’s commitment to ethical business practices and receiving feedback regarding adherence 
  • executing a plan to minimize operating and legal risks

Diagnotes is a pivotal communication HIPAA-compliant platform that the Springstone Behavioral Health System relies upon for timely, accurate collaboration on patient care. The management of confidential patient sensitive data is a hallmark of Diagnotes functionality, making it the communication tool of choice in behavioral health.

For more information on how Diagnotes improves the way healthcare works, email info@diagnotes, or call 317-395-7080.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak in the US, Springstone was able to quickly and effectively communicate essential information and regular updates across the organization via Diagnotes. Of note, we were able to onboard and engage over 400 new users from all 17 outpatient locations within hours.

Deena Ombres, Chief Compliance Officer

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