Continue to deliver essential care effectively during the Covid-19 crisis

Continue to deliver essential care effectively during the Covid-19 crisis


As the Covid-19 healthcare crisis worsens in the US, health systems are faced with the issue of caring for patients with Covid-19 and those with symptoms suggesting Covid-19 while maintaining care of other patients — all while mitigating the risk of spreading the disease.


Some of the important ways our clients are already deploying Diagnotes:

  • Enabling text+voice+video communication with patients (using the Diagnotes for Patients app)
  • Setting up EHR-triggered automated processes to insure infectious disease teams are immediately notified of at-risk patients
  • Establishing secure connections with other health systems to support cross-system communication and distribution of limited resources
  • Launching team-based virtual collaboration workspaces for leadership teams, triage, responses teams and others
  • Letting non-Diagnotes users securely communicate with you via Diagnotes
  • Interfacing with EHR, paging and nurse call systems to make communication quicker and more seamless



Automating Infection Prevention Consults

A large academic health system is using Diagnotes to help save time per patient and streamline how potential cases of the Coronavirus are handled in their hospitals and clinics across the state.

By leveraging the collaboration functionality of Diagnotes and its integration with the system’s EHR provider, the Diagnotes and health system teams were able to develop an automated workflow to ease the burden on infection prevention clinicians and quickly move patients presenting with COVID-19 symptoms into quarantine.

As the intake specialist inputs information in the EHR, various answers trigger the next step within Diagnotes. Using Diagnotes, team members collaborate via a HIPAA-compliant “virtual room” pertaining to one patient or topic. In this instance, the EHR populates an “Infection Prevention” virtual room. All necessary team members were already assigned to the “room;” therefore, as information from the EHR comes in regarding a high-risk patient, the correct people (infection prevention team on duty/on-call) at the correct hospital or clinic are immediately notified. From there, a nurse triage team assesses the information to determine whether to bring in an infection prevention physician.

Because the process of getting information from the EHR to the Infection Prevention virtual room happens in real-time, patients can be quarantined critical minutes earlier, and medical personnel can be notified to wear full PPE before interacting with the patient in question.

Virtual Patient Communications: Inpatient & Outpatient

Other clients are embracing Diagnotes’ telehealth capabilities to effectively communicate with patients to continue providing essential care. As a result, significantly fewer patients are coming into facilities, thus mitigating risk and exposure to this highly contagious virus.

With the Diagnotes for Patients app, Healthcare professionals have virtual visits with their patients on either a scheduled or ad hoc basis, without the need for the provider to share their personal contact information. Patients can also reach out with requests for help. Patients log into their HIPAA-compliant Diagnotes app on their iOS or Android mobile devices and are able to interact with a physician or nurse via video, secure messaging and live voice, even sending and receiving images or documents. In addition, messages via the Diagnotes app alert clinicians like a text, streamlining communication and notifying them in real-time.

A health system in South Carolina, which includes multiple hospitals and more than 60 outpatient locations, is leveraging Diagnotes' virtual visit capabilities to continue to treat patients across multiple departments. The system is also incorporating telehealth via Diagnotes into inpatient care. Using the Diagnotes platform, providers connect with the nurse in a patient’s room via video. All parties can then communicate as if the physician is in the room, minimizing potential exposure to the provider and reducing the use of PPE.

An Indiana suburban hospital deployed the Diagnotes for Patients app to care for patients virtually. One focus is behavioral health. Therapists connect with their patients either individually or in group sessions. Patients join via their personal mobile devices, continuing to receive the therapy they need without ever leaving their homes. Using Diagnotes, the hospital is able to not only hold one-on-one sessions but have also been able to continue group therapy sessions while maintaining the same level of HIPAA compliance as they would in the hospital setting.

The Diagnotes team is ready to work with you to mobilize features and workflows in direct response to the impact of Covid-19 on your organizations.

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