Effectively collaborate with your team

Effectively collaborate with your team


On average, healthcare professionals lose a staggering hour and a half per day (7.5 hours per week) to inefficient communication and manual workflows. Not only is this a severe time drain, reducing the number of patients that can be cared for, but it delays clinical care and increases medical errors.

A client recognized that its free texting solution addressed only security and compliance issues and had virtually no effect on organizational workflow efficiency and accuracy, team collaboration, or patient care. In fact, over time the platform’s limited functionality increased clinician frustration.


Diagnotes was deployed to transform workflows, team collaboration, patient satisfaction, and clinician satisfaction as well as maintain compliance. Within weeks, users across the network had been onboarded and were collaborating in real-time.


Cross-team collaboration prevented the 70% delay in care response time previously experienced. Physicians and staff alike commented that they found Diagnotes:

  • easy to navigate
  • similar to familiar smartphone functionality
  • offered everything they needed at their fingertips, on their smartphones or desktop computers

Automated workflows decreased clinician and staff burden and elevated morale and satisfaction across the network.

Diagnotes is an easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant healthcare productivity suite that enables everyone involved in patient care to seamlessly communicate in real-time and automates clinical workflows to prevent communication lags. With virtual team-focused and patient-centric Diagnotes Rooms, healthcare professionals can work in teams, all members have access to the same information, and on-call clinicians receive priority notification. Clinicians can dialogue and share information via text, voice recordings, video, or attachments.

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