Streamline and automate consult workflows

Streamline and automate consult workflows


A large academic medical center’s emergency medicine physicians sought to deploy a faster, easier way to order consults for Emergency Department (ED) patients.

Most health systems struggle with prompt clinician notification and engagement for consults. Typically:

  • a clinician enters the consult order into the electronic health record (EHR)
  • the clinician repeats the request in a paging system or calls the switchboard to reach the on-call consulting physician
  • the consulting physician is paged until he or she responds but may not connect with the requesting clinician on the first attempt
  • the consulting physician lacks easy access to patient information and asynchronous communication with the requesting clinician

Not only do consulting clinicians need to coordinate with requesting clinicians, but they need to coordinate with their own team members, often through a group pager or email inbox. All team members receive an alert, regardless of who is on call, preventing easy response and individual read receipts. These inefficient workflows delay care, risk inaccuracies, and demand healthcare professionals develop work-arounds


Instead of playing phone tag, ED clinicians enter consult orders in the EHR, immediately launching a discussion between the ED clinician and the on-call specialist through Diagnotes Team Rooms. Diagnotes streamlines and automates workflows.

EHR integration + Diagnotes Team Rooms + Schedules = Simplified process

When a consult is needed:

  • requests entered in the EHR automatically trigger a notification to the appropriate Team Room
  • the on-call clinician receives an alert
  • requesting clinicians easily confirm receipt
  • the consulting clinician responds quickly, directly, and can collaborate with colleagues to coordinate a response or follow-up with the requesting clinician in the Diagnotes Team Room


Diagnotes’ approach replaces standard calling, paging, and waiting, and eliminates the need for pagers and team email inboxes. Diagnotes helps reduce the time between notification and clinician arrival at the patient bedside.

Care coordination begins instantly. Clinicians share relevant information such as photos of EKG strips, wounds, and ultrasound images. Multiple care team members join discussions and video chats for optimal coordination. A process that took 30-60 minutes was reduced to a few minutes, saving precious time and improving patient safety, and clinician and patient satisfaction.

After a successful implementation for ED clinicians and hospitalist consults, the organization deployed Diagnotes to address consult workflows across the health system, including trauma, infection control, wound care, apheresis, agitated patient, anticoagulation teams, and more. They continue to find new uses for this workflow.

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