Replace pagers with less costly and more efficient workflows

Replace pagers with less costly and more efficient workflows


Pagers, though ingrained in healthcare workflows, are an increasing security risk and inefficient communication device. Drawbacks include:

  • unencrypted messages containing protected health information are sent in frequencies that can be recorded by radio hobbyists and scammers
  • declining performance and infrastructure as radio towers used to transmit paging messages become less common
  • an average cost of ≅ $10 each per month
  • poor communication and delays because the sender’s identity, urgency level, and patient context are unknown, and
  • there are no read receipts, escalation options, or direct response options

A large health system employing myriad single-point solutions experienced daily communication challenges with the 5,000-plus pagers used by its clinicians.



The system deployed Diagnotes’ enterprise-wide healthcare communication and collaboration suite to support long-term strategic initiatives, replacing pagers with Diagnotes’ HIPAA-compliant platform to:

  • preserve patient privacy
  • improve clinician job satisfaction
  • reduce alert fatigue
  • centralize data storage
  • support ongoing communication for continuity of care

Through this initiative, the organization also used Diagnotes to streamline and automate critical workflows, including but not limited to:

  • secure communication and care coordination in a single platform
  • orders from Cerner EHR such as consult requests, positive patient identification, and service requests
  • support of regional affiliates that provide care in rural and suburban communities. Specialists, such as nephrologists and pediatric cardiologists, utilize Diagnotes to offer remote consultations with affiliated hospitals. Because specialists are available on-demand via Diagnotes, unnecessary transfers are avoided.


The adopting institution estimated a cost savings of nearly $700,000 in the first year of Diagnotes use and anticipated elimination of pagers systemwide within a year. Delays are greatly reduced, and both patient and clinician satisfaction increased.

Diagnotes Rooms—intuitive collaboration environments designed for healthcare teams—support critical workflows, ensure team members have access to key information, and alert only the right people at the right time with integrated on-call schedules and a full audit trail. Diagnotes Team Rooms provide the flexibility for physicians to easily take calls. Plus, call center operators can quickly and easily broadcast messages into Team Rooms, only notifying the on-call clinician.

Diagnotes serves as a hub for physicians, nurses, diagnosticians, and other healthcare professionals in the patient care, treatment, and follow-up.

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