Connect specialists and patients virtually, ensure quality care

Connect specialists and patients virtually, ensure quality care


An orthopedic hospital wanted to reduce opioid dependence among post-surgery knee replacement patients and sought hassle-free access to physicians trained to help patients monitor and manage pain. Plus, with physician-patient interactions limited to the clinician's office or healthcare facility, patients had no alternative to urgent care or emergency room visits when they experienced a rapid change in symptoms.

Additionally, clinicians in the hospital or orthopedist’s office needed to remove the catheter and pump inserted in a patient’s knee within a certain period of time following hospital discharge. This required instruction from an anesthesiologist



The hospital adopted Diagnotes clinical communication and collaboration platform for prompt, targeted physician and hospital staff connection and secure, HIPAA-compliant questions and answers between patients and their care teams.

Patients use the Diagnotes for Patients smartphone app to contact their anesthesiologists via text or video calls in the seven days following surgery. They are encouraged to use Diagnotes, and their messages are delivered directly to the smartphone of the on-call physician, bypassing traditional answering services. Clinicians control access to the app and communications.

Diagnotes also offers quick and easy video chat to people who do not have the Diagnotes app to a video chat. This enables patient-clinician communication for patients receiving home healthcare, those needing chronic disease management, or those unable to travel for follow-up appointments post-discharge.

Medication pumps and catheter removal is supported by an anesthesiologist via Diagnotes text, voice, and video. Diagnotes Live video chat capabilities enable clinicians to speak face-to-face with a patient's entire care team.


Preliminary data from a clinical study by the hospital conducted via telemedicine shows that ready patient access to physicians dedicated to safe pain remediation is believed to reduce patient dependence on opioids more quickly and improve recovery outcomes.

Today, virtual care is becoming increasingly important to prevent unnecessary patient and clinical staff exposure to disease, simplify triage and follow-ups, and accommodate patients unable to travel to meet with their care providers.

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